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The Beginning...


Simmonds Ranch

Daisy hates rain.jpg

Oh, where do I begin... I guess I should start by warning you that my story may be long, and do not start if you dont have time to finish!

So lets go way back, to when I was 12. My brother wanted a goat for christmas, for whatever reason. My grandpa being the wonderful man he is decided to fulfill my brothers wish. That winter in a giant dog crate grandpa brought home 2 goats, Daisy and Lily. They were both nigerian dwarf goats and the cutest little things to ever exist. Daisy and Lily spent most of that first winter in their own little pen in the barn protected from the dangers of the world until the warmth of spring. Once spring hit the goats began to wander the farm. Checking out most areas of the barn, the shop and the chicken pen. That is where the issues arose. the goats soon discovered that there was wonderful tasty food in the chicken pen. Any chance they could they would break in and grab a snack. One day while we were away Lily decided she wanted a snack on her own, and ate to her hearts content. Sadly her hearts content was much much more than what her stomach could take. She bloated that night while we were away and when we returned early the next morning she had passed. Leaving poor Daisy alone and missing her sister. Goats are herd animals by nature and as such one goat cannot do well on its own. Over the course of the following 4 years my brother lost his interest in the goat herd (and I took over). The goat herd grew from Miss Daisy to a large herd of meat goats, to a small herd of dairy goats, to a large herd of dairy goats. I grew tired of some of the major parasite issues with the goats, as well as their lack of mothering instincts and it was at this time that I was convinced to buy a group of hair sheep. Spring of 2014 I brought home 8 katahdin ewes and that is where my sheep journey begins.

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