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Anatolian Shepherd
Diamond Acres Marriah (Riah)

Born October 10, 2013.  When I was little, I saw a wolf on TV that was named Marriah.  She was an Alpha.  There must be "something with the name," because this big girl is definately the Alpha, even being the youngest of the working dogs.  Although she is the Alpha, she still loves and respects her trainging "Mom" Mia.   She has a loving nature but is a very efficient LGD. 


Riah's coloring is rare for the breed.  There are very few black Anatolians in the U.S. 

Livestock Guadian
SMR Talon (Ty)
Anatolian Shepherd
SMR Aslan

Born September 11, 2016

He was born at Simmonds Ranch

Sire is Guardian Shepherds Asa 

Dam is Diamond Acres Rosie II 

Livestock Guardians

SMR Asia (Ace)

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