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Romney Sheep

When I first started raising sheep, it started with a commercial flock of hodge podge ewes. Over the years I have come to own somewhere around 11 different breeds. None, and I mean NONE, have had the impact on me of the Romney breed. It was through the Romney breed that I came to own an equally wonderful breed the Romeldale CVM. It was through the Romney breed that I have met some of my nearest and dearest friends. I first got them in 2015 and have never regretted it. 

Romneys are a dual purpose breed that is classified as a longwool though they can have relatively low micron counts. Their fleeces typically grow to about 4-6 inches and are an EXCELLENT beginner wool for someone learning to process fleeces because it is very fogiving and can be used for a multitude of different types of projects. 

Why should you raise Romney sheep?

  • Romneys are a hardy breed that are very forgiving, they make excellent beginner sheep

  • They tend to be excellent mothers raising twin lambs well

  • They tend to be friendlier than most breeds of sheep, this coupled with their medium size makes them an excellent sheep for children and beginning farmers

All of our Romneys are registered through the American Romney Breeders Association.

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